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My Hammock Tradition by Diane Andrews

Three Hammocks: The Right Amount Needed for Relaxation

My Pawleys Island Hammock story began almost 50 years ago, when my then husband brought one of your hammocks home from the store that he worked at, and we hung it up between two trees in our wooded backyard. I immediately fell in love with it----I had never experienced anything so comfortable and relaxing--my body just melted into it.

Since then it has become so essential to my wellbeing that I now have THREE of your hammocks in use: one for outdoors when the weather permits, one in my teahouse for rainy days, and for about the past fifteen years, one in my living room instead of a couch! I realized that, living in Oregon, my outdoor hammock times were limited, and so when my couch wore out, I decided to replace it with a hammock so that I could spend cold, rainy Oregon winter days snuggled up with my cats and my books in my hammock by my big picture window.


At 73, I need an afternoon nap everyday, and it's to my delicious hammock that I go . When I need a 'shouldless day off', I always retreat to my hammock to rest, read, relax, recover, and reflect---it's truly my sanctuary. Many folks who visit my home comment on my wonderful hammocks.

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