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My Hammock Tradition by Jessica Armstrong

Bringing the Pawleys Island Hammocks Tradition Back Home

My family growing up took yearly summer vacations to Pawleys Island. My birthday is August 3rd, so we would celebrate by making wonderful memories camping at the beautiful beaches in and around Pawleys Island. My family would spend the entire day at the beach. We would boogie board the waves, build epic sand castles, listen to classic oldies on the stereo, pack a cooler full of snacks and drinks, fly kites, and just enjoy each other’s company. When it was time for dinner we would visit local restaurants that offered seafood, beautiful views of the salty marshes, and one-of-a-kind sunsets. We would also walk around to shop the local stores. This is where Pawleys Island Hammocks entered our lives. We fell in LOVE with their hammocks.

"This is where Pawleys Island Hammocks entered our lives. We fell in LOVE with their hammocks."

We had to bring home a part of Pawleys Island to our backyard in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our 1st hammock was nestled between two huge oak trees with tons of family memories made including naps, studying for tests and homework, and the occasional game of how high can we swing our sibling. We moved from that house a few years later but, we could not take our original hammock because our new backyard did not have trees.

On our next family vacation, the days before the internet, we realized they sold hammocks with A STAND! It was indeed a very exciting moment! Our new backyard was missing that something special and now it could be complete. We have absolutely loved having Pawleys Island hammocks in our lives for the last few decades and look forward to continuing the traditions and making memories for years to come.

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