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My Hammock Tradition by Tammy Chapman

A Yard Sale Find Turns Into a Family Tradition

I drove past a yard sale ten years ago and saw this hammock that called my name! The metal was rusted and the hammock faded but I knew I had to have it. I bought the hammock and stand, took it home and gave it a little TLC. I have spent many years reading books, laying with my grandson, and looking forward to the beautiful fall days that I can spend in my hammock. My children have enjoyed it as much as I have, even to the point that they have taken milestone pictures in it! The hammock has become part of our family tradition.

This year (year 10), I went to get my hammock out and to my sadness the wood broke and a couple of the ropes gave way. I am all about traditions and would love to keep this one going for generations to come!

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