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My Hammock Tradition by Karen Jones

Starting a New Tradition After 20 Years

I had wanted a Pawleys Island hammock for a while, and over 20 years ago my mom and dad bought one for me for Christmas. I never kept it out when I wasn't using it and always placed it back in the cloth bag it came in and stored it inside the shed, so it would last a long time.

This year, in June, our shed caught on fire and we lost everything in it but one fiberglass handled maul... including my hammock. I was so sad that I had tried to take such good care of it over the decades and then in about 15 minutes, it was gone. Fortunately, our insurance provided some money to replace the contents, and I was able to get a new hammock. I decided to get the same color as my old one. This time, the wooden spreader bar wasn't bowed though. I guess that was a design change since last time.


I have enjoyed and appreciated my last hammock and hope to appreciate this one even longer. Thanks for the pleasant relaxation you have given me over the years.

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