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Top Gifts for Father's Day by Pawleys Island Hammocks

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Finding Dad the perfect father's day gift can be difficult, but our selection of in stock, ready-to-ship products selected by our team of Relaxation Experts are sure to please even the most stubborn of fathers.


Best Hammocks:

Appearances can fool you. Have you been looking for a hammock that "looks like" cotton rope and, even more importantly, feels like cotton rope? Our oatmeal colored DuraCord is just that, plus something altogether more — more durable, that is!

Our own proprietary solution-dyed synthetic blend of rope, DuraCord, blends the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester. Made in the Carolinas, this combination yields a rope that has excellent color steadfastness and superior feel. DuraCord is dyed when spun, producing a rope that is colored all the way through. Like a carrot when sliced open, DuraCord has the same color on both the inside and the outside. Our DuraCord rope is the densest rope on the hammock market at 85 ft./lb., this results in less stretching and increased support when relaxing in your hammock.

A great gift for dad and paired best with our storage bag and a stand.


In the inviting Flax color, the overlapping pillowy ribbons of this handsome, innovative quilted fabric hammock are a ready compliment to any outdoor setting, integrating easily with the earth tones of yard and garden. Yet good looks and an easily paired complimentary color still tell very little of this hammock's wonderful success — because this is comfort on a grand scale!

The Pawleys Island® Soft Weave® line is woven from comfy all-weather fabric that's not only resistant to staining, rot, mold, and mildew but also includes a plush center of nonabsorbent polyester fiberfill batting in each fabric strip, for added comfort. The fabric thread is solution-dyed, so the pleasing Flax color isn't applied to the finished product through washing or dipping, but goes in during the making of the thread fiber itself, becoming a permanent part of the fiber.

Make sure to pair your Flax Soft Weave Hammock with a matching pillow!


A blended DuraCord Hammock, the Large Original DuraCord Rope Hammock - Green Oatmeal Heirloom Tweed, is a great fit for dads that love to use a hammock that blends in with its natural wooded habitat.

Hang this all-weather, cottony-soft rope relaxer on an attractive, durable powder-coated steel stand right there amid your own landscaped flowers and other ornamental plants and prepare to experience a more intimate love of the ever-changing outdoors. Visit your garden's hand-woven relaxation island often enough, with bees buzzing and butterflies alighting all around you, and you may be amazed to discover what an integral part of nature you quickly can become.


The Sunbrella Quick Dry Hammocks are designed to be the fastest drying hammocks on the market while still giving you the consistent comfort of a fabric hammock. So, when you want to dry off after getting out of the pool by soaking up some sun in your hammock, don’t worry about getting your hammock wet. The quick dry hammocks are recommended for any space, even poolside, shaded and high moisture areas. We use a high-performance Sunbrella Sling fabric that combines the exceptional strength of vinyl yarns with the softness of Sunbrella. This extremely durable outdoor fabric is fade and stain resistant and provides a sleek designer look and effortless maintenance.

This gift is great for Dad's who love to lounge around a pool, pond or lake.


An Original Pawleys Island® Trusted Coast Large Quilted Hammock is two layers of industry-leading all-weather, solution-dyed synthetic fabric — the top is Sunbrella® in the Trusted Coast colors, while the bottom and side-binding are DuraCord® in a solid Navy color — lockstitched over a 1-inch center of plush, resilient, nonabsorbent polyester fiberfill batting to create 18 individual pillowy cushions running the length of the hammock bed.

Our coziest hammock for Dad to relax in!


Best Swings:

Typically, we strongly advise against swinging in our hammocks. It's not good for the hammock nor safe for the person in it. Yet with this unique product, which manages to be both swing and hammock at once, we're about to completely change our tune.

Which is to say, swing, swing, swing away!

Constructed using DuraCord Rope, a Solution-dyed synthetic blend rope that balances the softness of cotton with the durability of polyester. This combination makes the rope All-Weather proof and resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.

Great for Dad to relax on a back porch or under a tree.

The Original Pawleys Island Rope Swing provides comfort and style. The hand-woven DuraCord sling seat complements the stylish "waterfall" design oak arms. Curved rocker arm design brings elegance and charm to outdoor setting.

Hand crafted of DuraCord rope for extended life in the outdoors, swing body construction is formed of a continuous three-ply weave for maximum comfort. Durable woven seat crafted with double-latch construction; adds more rope for greater comfort and strength. Woven seat design enhances gentle rocking motion. DuraCord rope body construction is fade and mildew resistant, for superior durability.

Perfect for Dad who loves to have company when swinging.


Best Furniture:

This traditionally styled Essentials Durawood Adirondack Chair offers lifelong comfort and durability! A chair built for Dad to relax, whether its in the yard or a patio.

The back features a gentle horizontal curve, with a seat specially contoured to provide the utmost in comfort. The sitting angle reclines enough to relax, without preventing intimate conversation and wide arms provide an ample stage to rest your arms. All edges and corners are eased and softened to create fine furniture you cannot help wanting to relax in.

This Essentials Adirondack Chair represents the culmination of diligent design and construction by artisans based in North Carolina, a state richly endowed in the furniture craftsmanship tradition. We back our workmanship with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

All joints where the end of a board meets a face of another are made with the ancient carpentry method of mortise and tenon that helps to make the chair rock solid. Most other chairs merely have butt joints at these intersections to save time and money. Screws and bolt heads are gracefully obscured from the front view of this chair and attachment points are painstakingly engineered to remove all visible hardware from the front of the seat, back, and arms.

The Durawood poly lumber used to construct this Adirondack Chair is made from HDPE recycled consumer plastic that's been sterilized for safety and to eliminate impurities. Durawood contains no waste-wood fiber, so it not only won't absorb water, but also won't rot, splinter, crack or attract termites. It also never needs stain or any other kind of sealant, yet holds up to vigorous rains, extreme temperatures and high winds, making it the perfect outdoor furniture material.

Hardware consists of marine-grade, 316 stainless steel to provide ultimate durability. Not all stainless steel is created equal, we have primed and painted the heads of the hardware to match the color of Durawood you choose.


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