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Pawleys Island Cold Weather & Fire Pit Guide

Your Questions Answered by Experts

While lounging in your Pawleys Island HDPE furniture in warmer weather is always preferable, not everyone lives in a tropical paradise year round. Many of our customers reside in colder, more unforgiving climates. This invariably leads to questions about our furniture and it’s viability in colder weather, including snow and ice.

Our team of experts at Pawleys Island Hammocks have come together to answer questions you might have so you can rest easy knowing your furniture is safe.


Is it safe to leave my Pawleys Island HDPE Furniture outside in snow and ice?

Our Rocking Chair in one of our yearly Carolinas Snow Storms.

We advertise our furniture as mildew and rot resistant due to lumber having no waste-wood fiber, this allows the furniture to be nonporous. Because of this, snow and ice are not able to penetrate the lumber the same way water is not allowed to penetrate.

Like all materials, extreme variations in degrees can have an effect on the furniture. HDPE is rated to withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, anything below this can cause the lumber to crack from the outside. If you live in an area that is exposed to extreme cold snaps, make sure to store your furniture somewhere safe from the elements.

I have cushions and pillows on my HDPE furniture, is it safe to leave them outside in the snow and ice?

Cushions and pillows are a great way to accessorize your outdoor furniture, but when the temperatures drop below freezing, it is strongly recommended to bring those inside, even ones made of materials like Sunbrella®, as the material can become stiffened and uncomfortable. This is a good time to bring your cushions and pillows in to wash and clean.


Peanut Butter an Jelly, Cream and Coffee and Ying and Yang accurately describe the relationship of our HDPE Furniture with Firepits. The perfect entertainment centerpiece, cooking tool and way to keep warm during the cooler months.

My Pawleys Island Furniture is next to a firepit, what is a safe amount of distance for my furniture relative to the fire pit?

For a wood burning pit, you should be no closer than 2.5 to 3 ft and a gas burning pit you should be no closer than 2 ft. Wood burning fire pits burn hotter than gas fire pits and have the potential for flare ups. As with normal fire pit safety, they should be at least 10-20 ft. away from structures or plants, and should never be used under a overhang or enclosed space.

Here are a few benefits Pawleys Island Hammocks offers when choosing furniture for cold and frigid environments or to put around a fire pit:

Backed by a Full Lifetime Residential Warranty, our lumber is resistant to splintering, rotting, cracking. peeling, chipping and insect infestation.

Our all-weather Durawood lumber and high quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware are built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates including blazing sun, snowy winters, salt spray, and hefty winds.

Our Durawood lumber is made from 100% HDPE recycled consumer plastic that's been sterilized for safety and to eliminate impurities.

Durawood lumber cleans easily with any cleaning wipes or a soft bristle brush with a mild cleanser. Our furniture does not absorb water and requires no painting, staining or waterproofing.

We use this ancient form of carpentry, where board meets board, to allow our furniture to fit together and help make it sturdier; rather than just being held together with nuts and bolts.

Every Durawood part has a smoothed surface to reduce the amount of crevices where dirt can accumulate and all edges are rounded off for a detailed finish.

Manufactured and assembled in the Carolinas using the finest parts and industry leading techniques. We back our workmanship with a guaranteed Lifetime Warranty.

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